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Welcome to Physiotherapists Local...

A Directory of UK Physiotherapists

Welcome to, your one-stop shop for physiotherapists. Using this site you can find out about physiotherapists and the job they do, as well as find a physiotherapist in your area.

If you want to find out more about physiotherapy, what it is and what physiotherapists treat, then you'll find all that information and much more on this website. The articles entitled "What is Physiotherapy", "Conditions Physiotherapists Treat", and "How to Choose a Physiotherapist?" cover everything you would want to know before you visit a physiotherapist.

Once you have read through these, we also have a comprehensive online database of UK physiotherapists including chartered physiotherapists, NHS physiotherapists, and sports physiotherapists. With our easy to use search you can find London physiotherapists, Manchester physiotherapists, in fact physiotherapists wherever you are in the UK.

So get moving and exercise your mouse to navigate around this site and find all the information you need to find a physiotherapist today!

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